Charming shoulders

I’m always being asked where I buy my handbags. I’ll have to admit it, I have some of the prettiest and best looking clutches and totes you’ll ever see. My problem is, I know I destroy things. I leave my handbags on the floor, use them to cover myself from the rain…you get the picture. So, I don’t like spending too much money on them. My rule is, if it’s more than $40, it’s not worth it. But I also want them to be nice and last quite a few years. This is why Charming Charlie became my closet’s best friend and my pocket’s saviour.

Most of my handbags come from this store and they have averaged in price between $20 and $40. My personal favorites are their dome totes and satchels and my trick? I’m subscribed to receive their discount coupons at home. Also, if you go the week after Christmas, the deals are crazy and they still apply the coupon. I’ve gotten $40 bags for $10.

Best thing? I’ve been buying there for years and I still haven’t destroyed one single handbag. They still look like new.


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