Hello Beautiful!

Bath & Body Works is one of the most popular brands among women in the US. If you’re not buying their creams and body splashes, you’re probably buying their soaps or candles. The secret has always been good smell that endures.

Last summer I found my smell. I’ve always used their classic Warm Vanilla Sugar or Sweet Pea before going to sleep or their Limoncello to feel refreshed and clean in the summer. But none of these were “my smell”. You know what I’m talking about. That perfume that no matter the occasion or the time of the year, would make you feel sexy, fresh and calm. That smell that is never overpowering but will always leave a trail in your clothes and belongings. You’ll wear it to go out or to stay in and it just makes you feel beautiful. I can still remember my all-time favorites: Night Blooming Jasmine and Rice Flower and Shea. But, since they were discontinued, I had not found “my smell” again until this collection came along.

Hello Beautiful! is like a splash of spring. It reminds me of the feeling of fresh breeze on a sunny day at the park. It smells like how pretty things should smell. It’s effortless, pure and sexy at the same time. The name and the packaging could not describe it better. My favorite products from this line are their scrub and body creams. I liked it so much that I made it the scent for my wedding. I’ve been dying to buy their bubble bath and sparkling spray or diamond shimmer mist as they like to call them…Maybe for this summer!

Praying they come out with the perfume 😉



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